Our Web APIs are designed to be easily implemented at minimal cost


Criminal Records Database Search API

The Criminal Database API is a powerful, high-speed multi-state and federal search of our proprietary databases..
Social Security Number (SSN) Trace API

The Social Security Number (SSN) Screening API is a powerful investigative tool that may provide information on an individual's name history, present and past addresses..
IMSAS LLC is a leading provider of Web Service solutions which encompass a wide range of background screening data, MVR records, income and medical license verifications. Our products are delivered using the RESTful API you already know and use to ensure cross-platform compatibility which is the essence of true Web Services.

Our powerful, easy-to-use search API's and technology enable fast access to comprehensive data with a range of search solutions that meet the varying needs of your software applications. Whether the requirement is a quick, localized search, or an in-depth, multi-state, multi-criteria search, we deliver reliable, up-to-date data via our powerful API.