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Background Check API / Criminal Records Database API

Would you like to integrate our Background Check API with your website or application? If you want to automate, integrate, or handle your background checks more efficiently our API is your toolbox. The API is based on a RESTful design so that you can easily integrate our software into yours. Our public API is designed for developers and our criminal records and background checks are fully compliant with FCRA laws and regulations.
Background Check API
Criminal Records API → The Criminal Records Database API is a powerful, high-speed multi-state and federal search of our proprietary databases compiled from multiple sources consisting of court records, incarceration records, prison/inmate records, probation/parole/release information, arrest data, wants and warrants and/or other proprietary sources.
Federal Criminal Records API → The Federal Criminal Records API is an instant federal criminal court records search of our database compiled from Federal U.S District Court Criminal Records which covers more than 89 districts in the 50 states, with a total of 94 districts including territories - results are instantly returned via our robust API.
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